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Propaganda is the spreading of ideas or rumors in order to make a group of people believe something that may not be true.

In my book, Accidental Samurai Spy, Aritomo, heir to a samurai lord disguises himself as an orphaned commoner in order to live in his archenemy’s Kuroda Castle. When he becomes friends with his enemy’s daughter, eats with her family, and mingles with the clan folks, he learns that the stories he had heard were lies. In addition, he discovers that the Kuroda clan spewed lies about Aritomo’s clan.

Each clan spread propaganda to make its clansmen believe they were protecting the honor of their family and that they must defeat their cruel and savage enemy. Clan survival depended on the fierce loyalty of their samurais. When a clan or a nation needs its citizens to be united and loyal, is it acceptable to use propaganda?

Do you love your school but dislike a rival school? Why? Have you heard bad stories about the other school’s students or its sports team? Could some of the tales be slanted or untrue? Check out what you hear before making judgments about other people, school, state or countries.

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